About Us

Welcome to Firasports! We're a leading sportswear brand that was founded in Los Angeles founded by Lucy & Ashly back in 2015, We are proud of the reputation we have built as a trusted and respected brand in the world of sportswear.


We're constantly striving to improve and innovate in order to bring the best products to our customers. We have been a part of the activewear industry since 2015 and are committed to creating environmentally-friendly clothing. In fact, the fashion industry is a major contributor to pollution, with 20% of global industrial water pollution caused by garment production. By choosing sustainable fashion, we can not only protect the planet, but also improve working conditions, pay, and labor practices for those who make our clothing.


At SXDSXW Sportswear, our mission is to revolutionise workout gear while also doing our part to save the planet. Thank you for choosing Firasports. We hope you enjoy our products and come back to see us again soon.