Join Our Team

As a member of Team Fira, we want to make sure you feel valued and appreciated for your hard work. That's why we offer some exciting perks to our ambassadors, including:


We're carefully selecting our team via social media (our instagram page)



  • Free monthly packages: As a Fira Ambassador, you'll receive a free package every month so you can try out our latest products and share your feedback with your followers.
  • 50% commission: You'll also earn a 50% commission on all sales generated by your unique referral code. This is a great way to earn extra income while promoting a brand you believe in.

  • Social media shoutouts: If you want, we'll tag and share your posts on our social media channels to give you extra exposure and help grow your following.

  • Exclusive discounts: As a member of Team Fira, you'll receive exclusive discounts on our products and be the first to know about new launches and promotions.

  • Networking opportunities: You'll have the chance to connect with other Fira Ambassadors and industry professionals, building your network and expanding your knowledge.

We believe in investing in our team members and creating a supportive, inclusive community. As a Fira Ambassador, you'll have access to a range of resources and support to help you succeed. Join our team today and start enjoying these exciting perks!